Universal Press Syndicate and Impact Mobile to Provide Mobile Push Publishing Solution to Newspapers

September 23, 2008

Kansas City, MO  (09/18/2008)  Universal Press Syndicate, the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world, and Impact Mobile, an industry leader in mobile marketing and advertising technology, announced today that they are partnering to provide a mobile “push” publishing solution to newspapers and their advertisers.   

Push publishing allows newspapers to push their content to readers via an application that resides on the smart phone. An icon that is branded for the newspaper resides on the phone’s desktop, giving the newspaper daily interaction with its users.   

“Universal Press Syndicate believes in providing innovative revenue-building opportunities to the newspaper community, and this smart phone strategy is the next evolution in audience development,” says John Vivona, Vice President of Sales at Universal Press Syndicate, headquartered in Kansas City, MO.   

“Many publishers currently use WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites for their mobile platform. Smart phone applications will extend the mobile reach to a new audience,” says Vivona. “This exploding mobile segment includes BlackBerrys, iPhones and Windows-based devices. The content and the advertising are interactive for the user, who represents an affluent, highly desired demographic for both newspapers and their advertisers.”  

Impact Mobile’s President and CEO, Gary Schwartz said, “Impact Mobile is excited about our relationship with Universal Press Syndicate. We see our role in the market as providing platforms to make traditional media interactive. Universal’s newspaper clients will now be able to establish a one-to-one relationship with the readers and the opportunity for ongoing communications with targeted consumers.”   

For more information on the push publishing product, please call Universal Press Syndicate’s sales department at 800-255-6734.

About Impact Mobile

Impact Mobile is an industry leader in North America promoting mobile as a media channel. Impact Mobile provides carriers, global agencies and brands, best in class technology to meet all their mobile marketing needs. For further information please contact press@impactmobile.com. 

About Universal Press Syndicate 

Universal Press Syndicate is the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world and the industry leader in bringing products and services to print and digital media that offer superior editorial and humor content, as well as, advertising and subscriber opportunities. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Universal Press Syndicate distributes some of the most popular comic strips and features in newspapers today, including Dear Abby, For Better or For Worse, Doonesbury, Garfield, Roger Ebert, Pat Oliphant, and Tom Toles. Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU) is the corporate parent company that includes Universal Press Syndicate, Andrews McMeel Publishing, uclick (www.gocomics.com) and AMUSE.


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Pudding And Impact Pair On Mobile Text Ads

September 23, 2008
Monday, Sep 22, 2008 7:00 AM ET
Mobile ad network Pudding Media is partnering with Impact Mobile to provide agencies and advertisers with a self-service tool for buying contextual ads on SMS text messages.  

Combining Pudding’s targeting capabilities with Impactmobile’s Jumptxt mobile marketing platform, the new service promises to give advertisers access to a broad inventory of category-specific impressions as well as greater engagement with consumers.

By responding to the text ads, consumers can opt in for subscriptions to retail coupons and special offer alerts, as well as enter promotions and tell-a-friend programs, said Gary Schwartz, president and CEO of Impact Mobile, in a statement. “Our goal is to make it simple for the media buyer to buy inventory and the ongoing engagement,” he said.

Pudding Media’s network allows marketers to run ads across all mobile formats including SMS, voice and the mobile Web.–Mark Walsh



MIXX 08 Impact Mobile – Gary Schwartz Video Interview

September 22, 2008

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg6N7Hq4Suc Gary Schwartz Interview