Netbiscuits, Impact Mobile to deliver messaging campaign services

Michael Neidhoefer
Michael Neidhoefer is CEO of Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits is working with Impact Mobile to deliver templated messaging campaigns for brands.

By integrating Impact Mobile’s technology with Netbiscuits’ development platform, publishers and developers can further their marketing reach by establishing a one-to-one relationship with the consumer’s mobile phone via SMS and continue that dialogue via opt-in subscription services.

“Brands and agencies are looking for 360-degree solutions,” said Michael Neidhöfer, CEO of Netbiscuits. “We need to provide the tools to allow our customers to simply and effectively achieve any marketing challenge.

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“Impact Mobile enhances Netbiscuits’ ability to extend the mobile Web experience,” he said.

Netbiscuits operates a business-to-business Web software platform for the creation, operation and monetization of mobile Web sites. It serves the mobile Internet programs for brands such as Yahoo, MTV and eBay.

Gary Schwartz
Gary Schwartz is president of Impact Mobile

The new services will allow publishers and developers to add rich functionality to bridge the consumer to high-ROI destinations such as the mall, convenience store, dealerships and events.

The services target any company that is online and needs a mobile Web site, because the mobile Internet is happening right now.

“In this context, we see intelligent cross media and multi channel marketing, which also includes text messaging, as the next step to engage and retain today’s customers,” Mr. Neidhöfer said.

Short code registry NeuStar, SMS aggregator mBlox and trade publication Fierce Wireless are leveraging the Netbiscuits’ “send-to-friend” SMS service today at CTIA Wireless 2009 show.

Consumers can try these services on their phone by text messaging NEUSTAR to 88398 or MBLOX to 88398.

“Marketing is all about moving the customer closer to a sale,” said Gary Schwartz, president of Impact Mobile, New York. “Mobile is the most effective media to do this as it is horizontal and better connects the media touch points.

“This Netbiscuits/Impact Mobile solution helps the brand move the consumer seamlessly from mobile Web to retail, into viral opportunities and other high ROI-destinations,” he said.

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